A&B and its green choice

Never before have we all felt the effects of climate change as we have in recent years. Environmental pollution is due to industrial overproduction in the name of consumerism, of disposable products, which may be cheap at first but turn out to be very expensive in terms of management and disposal.

The pandemic first, and the war on the borders of our continent now, are showing us the precariousness of the resources still available. We are starting to realise how necessary it is for each of us to do something for the sustainable future of our planet.

Climate change is therefore affecting not only our world economy but also our habits and way of life. That is why it is important to change our way of thinking and acting, and our goal is to be a spokesperson for this change.

We believe that it is important for every company to make a considerable contribution to saving energy and resources in order to protect the environment and aim to create a sustainable system. But before we look at what others could do for the environment, we want to get involved to protect the future of mankind, starting today to build a better system.

The objectives of A.E.B. Srl

What can we do to fight the despicable use of resources? Each of us, in our own small way, can, and must, do something, and we at A.E.B. Srl have already started.

First of all, we are committed to promoting the use of stainless steel drums as the best packaging for the storage of beverages. Steel drums are:

  • impact and age-resistant
  • infinitely reusable if properly sanitised
  • retain the organoleptic properties of products if properly sanitised
  • the ideal packaging for value for money

In the field of beverage packaging, stainless steel has several advantages in terms of environmental sustainability, versatility and lightweight transport. They are available in different sizes and are particularly appreciated by the end user.

Our customers themselves got our message and started launching various environmental protection programmes by taking extraordinary measures to reduce CO2 emissions in their production.

Consumers themselves have started to demand more from the industry and want to know where their products come from, how they are transported and much more. The desire is to make the entire supply chain aware and transparent to the end customer.

Our main aim as a company is to make the beverage market aware of the importance of quality packaging: A.E.B. Srl is committed to producing high-quality containers that meet market requirements while remaining sustainable and 100% recyclable options. Ours is a long-term investment, an investment in the future.

Our 100% green and quality production

We at A.E.B. Srl have been producing stainless steel drums for more than 30 years now. These have considerable advantages over other containers made of different materials, such as PET; the lifespan of our drums can exceed 30 years. This means that there is a significant economic advantage over disposable containers, a production cost that is worthwhile in the long term, and an advantage for the environment as there is a considerable reduction in CO2 emissions in the case of disposal.

Obviously, the comparison between stainless steel and plastic is unmatched in terms of pollution: our steel drums return 100% to the production cycle through recycling, thus saving resources such as raw materials.

Recyclable does not necessarily mean sustainable, which is why we strive to produce high-quality drums with selected raw materials to achieve an advantage also in terms of durability: a drum that stands the test of time for more than 30 years and all reuses is an advantage for everyone.

Ecological right from production

At A.E.B. Srl, we believe that sustainability is an important issue that goes far beyond appearances.

Our commitment, therefore, translates into a reduction of energy costs by using technology for conservation purposes. How? We have installed a latest generation photovoltaic system at the company to cut costs and produce clean energy. In this way we hope to set an example for other activities as well, demonstrating our all-round love for the environment.

Our commitment to environmental sustainability does not only include us as producers but at A.E.B. Srl we also aim to inspire and be an example and help consumers by raising awareness on issues that are close to all of our hearts because they involve all of us, no one excluded. Maintaining respectful behaviour towards the planet is the best gift we can give to future generations.

A.E.B. Srl taking the lead for a better future

Stainless steel drums undeniably represent the most economical and environmentally friendly packaging that can be used to contain beverages such as beer, wine, soft drinks, fruit juices, coffee and more. They are the perfect combination of solidity, reliability, durability and safety. This is why we at A.E.B. Srl have set out down this road: to take advantage of modern technology to our benefit and that of the environment.

Producing environmentally friendly packaging is a small step towards not having to give up anything, not even quality, and avoiding unnecessary waste of plastic. We are all caught up in this situation and we know very well that in a few years we will look back and admit to ourselves that we could have done more. If we do not want to end up like that, we had better commit ourselves today.

Christian Nonnis