Vinitaly 2023, the innovations seen by A.E.B. KEGS

Vinitaly 2023, the innovations seen by A.E.B. KEGS

After the low-key restart in 2022, still effectively conditioned by the aftermath of the pandemic, Vinitaly 2023 has very likely marked the true comeback. Today, COVID-19 seems like a distant memory, which has deeply impacted the health of our humanity and socio-economic balances.

But how did Vinitaly 2023 go? What atmosphere did we experience (and why are we so satisfied)?

Vinitaly 2023, optimism and participation

This year, A.E.B. KEGS attended Vinitaly as a visitor.

At the fair, we perceived an extraordinary wave of optimism and positivity from industry professionals: the issues that are dramatically characterizing this era remained outside the perimeter of Verona Fiere.

Thus, a sort of impermeability was created among the pavilions of Verona Fair, against the problems that continue to grip the world, including wars and social instability. And perhaps in the end, it was a good thing, because this atmosphere facilitated communication and relationships and predisposed everyone to a positive attitude.

We at A.E.B. KEGS gathered many comments and opinions, almost all in the name of satisfaction. We also noticed a large presence of foreign operators very interested in Italian products, mainly those with a high and specialized profile.

It is clear that we will have to wait a few months to make a concrete assessment of the validity of the many contacts obtained in this edition of Vinitaly. In some cases, even a few years, because it should never be forgotten that a commercial opportunity can only develop over time. Therefore, being present, albeit not as exhibitors, is always of vital importance.

Paradise for enthusiasts

A.E.B. KEGS noted a high presence of “enthusiasts,” or those high-profile consumers who make wine a real passion, both in the cultural and eno-gastronomic fields.

If this type of visitor were missing from Vinitaly, the Fair would not have the same success, both in terms of the number of attendees among the pavilions and in regard to its wonderful festive atmosphere.

Not only that, “passionate wine consumers” are strategic figures for the development of wine’s image as a whole. We could say that they could be considered real influencers of the sector.

In conclusion, we must underline that Vinitaly 55 ended with a total of 93,000 attendees, of which just under 30,000 were foreign. The growth compared to the last edition was almost entirely determined by the entries of foreign buyers (+20% approximately) from 143 countries, who in this edition represented one-third of the total accredited operators.

Investments made in favor of incoming foreigners have given a first concrete result to an increasingly decisive Vinitaly, both for the exhibitors’ business and for the event itself. A supply-demand match that has worked, as demonstrated by over 11,000 scheduled appointments between exhibitors and buyers of the Vinitaly Plus platform, which adds to those arranged directly by the companies. The new course has started but is certainly not over.

A.E.B. KEGS has always considered Vinitaly as a carrier of Made in Italy, both within our borders and abroad.

See you at VINITALY 2024!

Christian Nonnis